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In urgent need of staff? Direct Start offers a risk free solution

Walters People Direct Start offers an immediate personnel recruitment solution with a trial of 4 hours.

Recruitment tips

Want to know how to hire the best talent? Read our recruitment tips!

Getting the most out of your video interviews

Mobile hiring solutions are driving the recruitment market. At the forefront of this revolution is hiring through video interviews. We offer top tips on how to get the most out of your video interviews.

Is your business geared up for remote working?

Flexible and remote working are employees' most desired company benefits. Find out how to get your organisation ready for the new world of work.

Corona virus: why employers should embrace working from home

Working from home, now a must for many office workers, can be a blessing in disguise for employers. Here are some benefits that remote working brings to companies.

How to manage your team when working from home

We give advice on how to keep your team united and productive when you and your team members work from home.

Checklist: a safe return to the office

Now that many countries are slowly lifting the corona measures, we can start preparing our return to the office. Where to begin?

The customer support job market in 2023

The need for customer support employees is still increasing. Bao-Han, recruitment consultant customer service, shares expectations for this job market in 2023.

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